About Us

Hello! Greetings from Stan and Crystal Warner, as well as, the Southern Soy Scents family! When you take interest in our soy candles, you are also taking interest in our small town, family owned business. We are located in the heart of the Arkansas Delta, where soy beans are just as abundant as sweet tea and southern accents. All of our candles are American made, beginning with the soil where the soy beans are raised and ending with our hand poured seal of approval.

 Not only are our candles beautiful and smell of your choice of “inviting” fragrances, they are non-toxic, natural, and water soluble. We use the highest quality fragrances and infuse them throughout the entire candle so you get the same incredible fragrance from the first flame to the last. Not to mention, the soy bean wax is clean burning which means virtually NO SOOT, and with every purchase you make, you are helping us support the American farm economy! You cannot get more “southern” than that!

We take great pride in knowing we are hand making the very best soy candle on the market today, and would like to thank our loyal current customers, as well, as welcome the new ones!

 Here’s to America! Here’s to the South! And most importantly, here’s to home! GOD BLESS AMERICA!